Monday, May 14, 2012

Gour-Maybe Guest Kitchen #2 - Ranch Edition - Course 1 - Get Your Goat Cheese Plate

So as I mentioned, we are going to be doing a bunch of cheese plates on Gour-Maybe - there will be some overlaps as you begin to see I have some favorites, but new cheeses will on every plate, promise! At the ranch we did a goat cheese-only board. This is another cool way to select cheeses - by various styles within a milk category (i.e. cow, sheep). My lovely co-chef, "C", shall we say "prefers" goat, so goat it was. We picked up two of my favorites: Valdeon (a goat blend you might recall from the Spanish Cheese plate), and Truffle Tremor (you might recall from my rave about Cypress Grove). We also added a hard cheese - Lamb Chopper (another favorite from Cypress Grove Chevre) and a soft brie - Montchevre Cabrie. We served it with a full line up of cashews, dried cherries, figs and water and rice crackers as well as honeycomb (LOVE honey on a cheese plate) . Delicious. These four cheese are different in texture and age and taste great - this would be a fantastic start to any meal! If you've tried them, would love to hear your feedback.  Gour-Maybe counter-intuitive tip: Remember not to serve these and other cheeses right out of the fridge, cheese is best enjoyed at room temperature.

Booze note - I drank some Peju Sauvignon Blanc with this and it was really a good combo. They have several years (2007-2010) of delish SB and other wines.

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