Monday, May 27, 2013

Homemade Peach Berry Cobbler

After a long hiatus of dealing with my real work life (the one that pays the bills), responsibilities (the bills), wedding planning and about a month of weekends out of town, I knew I'd have to make up for my shameful absence with a good, old-fashioned Memorial Day classic dessert blow out. I felt like I've covered quite a few all-American dishes like Strawberry Shortcake and Apple Crostata (Pie) on this blog, but it dawned upon me that I was missing the most major of holiday classics - Cobbler. Cobbler is one of my favorite desserts because it is easy and versatile. I feel like it's a Southern thing: I remember my grandmother making it, but most regions have some version of cobbler. It also gives you an excuse to eat ice cream, and since it's fruit-based, it's basically fat-free. At first I was set on peach. I wasn't too impressed with the peaches I saw so I added blueberries. Then I had a pint of blackberries and I added those. The result to me has more flavor than just sticking with one fruit, but you could use just peaches, just blackberries etc.  I like a dough version of cobbler, and I use oatmeal in mine to give it a heartier texture.It soaks up all that berry deliciousness and gives it a nice crunch. Get cobbling after the jump!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Easy Migas for Cinco De Mayo or Any Day

Being from Texas, Tex-Mex food is near and dear to my heart on any day of the year, and when Cinco de Mayo rolls around (which we Texans take very seriously), I don't wait for an afternoon Margarita, I start my celebration with breakfast, and my favorite Tex-Mex breakfast dish is definitely Migas. Migas are one of those egg dishes that have almost endless variations, which is nice, because you might already have a lot of the ingredients in your fridge. Migas usually are eggs, onions/tomatoes/veggies, some kind of meat and tortilla strips, as well as cheese - melty delicious cheese! This is a basic recipe that is perfect for breakfast, brunch or even dinner. I use a thin tortilla chip instead of regular or fried corn tortillas, because I like the thin nature of the chips, and the way they hold up in the eggs - not to crisp, not too soggy. This recipe also has no meat, but you can totally add chorizo, sausage, bacon, etc. Just cook separately and stir in when the eggs are cooking. Eat them plain, or wrap them in a flour tortilla for ultimate carbo-heaven! Serve always with hot sauce like my favorite, Cholula
This takes under 30 minutes. Get the migas madness after the jump!