Sunday, June 9, 2013

Southwest Seared Tuna with Roasted Corn & Poblano "Hash"

It's no secret that tuna  (Big Eye/Ahi/Yellow Tail, etc.) is my favorite fish in the whole world. Ahi is even what I used for my MasterChef audition,  I love it rare (definitely no more than medium rare) with a great crust and a great side, and  it's got so much flavor, and texture - I'd put it next to a real steak any day! Because it is more expensive than other fish options, I don't cook with it all the time, but for a nice weekend meal, you can't do better than this. I am going to Santa Fe next weekend, so I am on a Southwestern kick this week getting my taste buds ready for the amazing, spicy flavors there. It's definitely one of my favorite flavor profiles. Here, I tried to do something hearty for a warm side (aka MAN friendly "hash"/not a "salad") that would work with the thick tuna steak, and some avocado (which I would probably put on cereal) to cool it off (This basically means my fiance would have preferred regular steak, but we are trying to work some fish into our diets so this is as close to steak as you can get). Don't let the idea of working with Ahi/Big Eye intimidate you - a good, hot pan and a close eye will ensure awesome results. Sometimes, I cut a small piece off the side and test it before I go for the whole large pieces, to gauge the heat and oil temps. The rub is super cheap and easy - you might even have all the spices at home! Get searing after the jump!