Sunday, May 10, 2015

Soft Shell Crab With Shrimp Risotto, Brown Butter and Truffles Optional (but not really)

This Friday was a seafood extravaganza. A crustacean coup. A sinful evening of two of my favorite things: carbs and crab. A coincidence they have the exact same letters? I think not. Like a lot of what I cook - soft shell crabs are incredibly easy - but they look 100% gourmet. If you can sauté anything - you can do this! And risotto is the same. If you can stir, then your chances of making a delicious risotto are over 90%! The other 10% is being able to add liquid, and monitor flavor. A simple brown butter sauce and the flavor of shaved black truffles take the risotto to a whole new level. The other way to make food gourmet is to take picture of it from overhead - even a grilled cheese looks artsy from the top down. Get your pinchers ready to cook - after the jump!