Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Things I Love: Williams-Sonoma Everyday Dinnerware

You may have noticed that many of the pictures on this blog feature a set of all-white dishes. I love white dishes – maybe because my OCD tendencies feel that colors or patterns might interfere with the overall visual of the dish? Seriously. My mind thinks that way. These dishes you see are Williams-Sonoma Everyday Restaurant Dinnerware. They sell it only online, but it’s worth it to have a great quality set of dishes at an affordable price – great for any informal dining occasion. I’m also obsessed with the Picardie tumblers – virtually indestructible! I have dropped many a glass and they just don’t break. I wouldn't go outside on the sidewalk and start chunking them for fun, but you get the idea - they are really well made, look good and worth every penny. Bon Appetit listed them in the January 2012 edition as “Head of the Glass” and I have to agree. If you are looking for tableware – try these – I think you will love them too.

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