Saturday, May 19, 2012

Drink This Now! 2009 Lucienne Pinot Noir

Ok, maybe not right now right now, but you know - soon! This past weekend, I was in Austin, Texas celebrating my brother's MBA graduation. We were excited to eat at Wink off of Lamar, which I would definitely recommend. I had beef tartare and duck, both were really good. However, my fave part of the meal had to be the wine. I heart a good bottle of Pinot Noir, and this was one I hadn't tried. This was a multiple bottle scenario, so we had plenty of time to formulate our opinion. It's a 2009 Lucienne Pinot Noir - I recommend you go grab or order a bottle asap. It retails around $50. There is a long description of why it's so tasty at the link above which involves temperature, sunlight and the words:

"Lush chocolate covered cordial raspberry combine with subtle earth and Darjeeling tea undertones"
But I'm always a little over the verbose nature of wine descriptions, so I'll stick with - it's freaking good.

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