Friday, May 4, 2012

Things I Love: Emile Henry (Bakeware, Ovenware, Really All Wares)

Some products are just better than others. Part of Gour-Maybe is figuring out which are worth paying for, and which are worth saving your money so you can spend it on truffles and shoes. Emile Henry is a brand that is worth every penny. So you don't look or feel stupid when talking about it, I will get this oft-asked question answered ASAP. It is correctly pronounced Ehm-meal Ahn-ree. Please click on the links so you can hear real French people say it or call customer service. Don't pronounce it Emily or Amelie, like the movie or woman's name, or you will be dropped through a secret trap door for the non-gourmet at Sur la Table. (please forgive my lack of written accents! still figuring those out). I love the ceramic pieces which are made from an amazingly resilient clay. These include  pie plates, ramekins and quiche dishes (in OCD-friendly white, of course, like my W-S plates or as they say, "blanc"). "Blanc" sounds much cooler. These are expensive but they are investments and lifetime pieces. Also amazing are the ovenware pieces: gratin dishes and casseroles. French food just tastes better when baked in french clay don't you think? Beyond aesthetics, the clay distributes heat beautifully, so things brown and cook evenly - which is essential to good results. See you at Sur la Table this weekend, I'm getting a new quiche/tart dish myself.

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