Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Things I Love: Cypress Grove Chevre - Truffle Tremor

truffle tremor and its friend humbolt fog (notice the major dents I have made - this stuff doesn't last long!)

If you read Gour-Maybe? at all, you've probably learned that I am in love with cheese. You might also have guessed from a post or two that I love truffles. Most people get their truffle flavor from truffle oil, although usually that oil is not made from actual truffles, but additives which create the same aroma and flavor as truffles. I personally prefer Black (Perigord) winter truffles to white (Alba) truffles, but to each their own - it's a truffle. You could buy $100.00 worth of canned truffles from D'Artagnan (and there would be nothing wrong with that) or you can spend $18.99 on their truffle oil, which is delicious, and creates the same flavor profile for a fraction of the cost. Or to soothe your truffle-deprived taste buds, why don't you do none of the above, and buy some Cypress Grove Chevre Truffle Tremor for $5-10.00 per slice depending on how much you get. 

The first time I brought this to a party, it was done in 10 minutes. I would rip it from a baby's hands and not feel guilty. I would eat it even if it had 1000 calories per ounce. It's amazing goat cheese meets amazing truffle flavor. You can thank me later! 

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