Monday, April 23, 2012

Things I Love: Wickles

perfect pepper/pickle balance

Yes, Wickles! No, I was not blogging drunk and this is not a typo: Wickles are pickles, with a spicy kick. They are "wickedly delicious" as their name suggests. I love their "standard" pickles the best - but the relish, pepper strips - you really can't go wrong. These add a level of gour-maybe flavor to anything you might normally make with a boring old regular pickle such as tuna salad, sandwiches, burgers. Just last night, I added them to chicken salad - delicious. From the official Sims Food Website:

"Using a secret 70-year old family recipe differentiates Wickles products from all others. A custom blend of spices and ingredients makes our products Wickedly Delicious and truly irresistible. The recipe is a family secret that until a few years ago was just used for family and friends who were lucky enough to get a jar. When we started making Wickles for holiday gifts we never imagined those wicked little pickles would take on a life of their own."

I buy my Wickles at Central Market, but you can get yours there or at the link above, so the Wickles come to you.

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