Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gour-Maybe cooks...Bon Appetit's Lemon Honey Tart with Salted Shortbread Crust

Every now and again, I read a recipe that looks so delicious, I am in my car on the way to the store before I even finish reading it. Most of the time I am creating and adapting on my own, but when the genius minds of Bon Appetit magazine decided to do a WHOLE SECTION on salty desserts, they had me hooked. The recipe that stuck out to me was this amazing, vibrant  Lemon-Honey Tart with Salted Shortbread Crust. It didn't hurt that it's "citrus month" at my local grocery store, and I had access to all sorts of fabulous citrus fruit. I followed the recipe to the "t" and got great results. The only variation was using a scalloped tart pan rather than a smooth edge. Click here to read the recipe on their website. This tart is so bright and lemony, it's the perfect antidote to the grey skies and winter blues. I will definitely be using this crust recipe for a variety of tarts going forward. The shortbread is a nice alternative to the flaky tart crust that is my go-to. Hope you love it too!

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